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Magnetic Drawers are ideal for removal of fine iron and paramagnetic contamination from a range of dry free flowing products such as sugar, grain, tea, etc. They are totally constructed in 304 stainless steel, consisted of a row or most commonly rows of round magnetic tubes that are assembled into drawers.  
The magnetic bars emit high magnetic field across the gaps between them. As material flows into the top of the housing, it is forced to cascade in a zig-zag pattern from row to row over the magnetic tubes, this ensures maximum tramp metal capture since the product comes in direct and repeated contact with a magnet as it travels through the housing.  
Housings are available for both square chutes and round pipelines and are flanged to suit each customers requirement for ease of installation.
There are two types: N style and E style. N Style: Standard drawer magnet: Magnetic strength on the tube surface are the same as the magnetic bar; Magnetic material: High Energy Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron. E style: Easy-cleaning Drawer Magnet: Advantage: Cleaning is simple. Externally isolate the product flow, release the securing bolts and withdraw the easy-clean grid assembly. Once the Easy-Clean Grid magnet is extracted from the housing, simply enable the release mechanism, pull the magnetic cores out of the Stainless Steel cartridge and the contamination simply falls away.

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