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DATOYO MAGNETICS is a good reputation Magnet Supplier; we have more than ten years experience of production and sales. The company covers an area of more than 12000m2 .It has abundant technology power, the most advanced equipment such as six automatic tile grinding machine,12 automatic hydraulic press machines and two electric sintering stoves.

We are professional in designing and manufacturing all specific kind of high residual & high coercive force hard ferrite segment . Most products are export to Europe, USA, Asia and other countries.

Striving to reach the perfect continuously is the target and guideline for all the people in DATOYO. We will strength our cooperation with all the clients and strive for mutual development with the friends all over the world.

We also supply Permanent Lifting Magnet , other ferrite magnet with normal ring, column, square and other shape, SmCo Magnet , NdFeB Magnet Alnico Magnet , Rubber Magnet , Health Care & Edducation Magnet , Magnetic Assembly .

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