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  • 1999: DATOYO (NINGBO) Co., Ltd join Songke. Songke is NdFeb Magnet maker with ISO 9000 certification; they produce 500 Tons NdFeb every year mainly export to Europe.

  • 2002: DATOYO Magnetic Manufacture Factory closed and DATOYO (NINGBO) Co., Ltd maintain all Magnetic Products Business from old factory.

  • 2002: DATOYO (NINGBO) Co., Ltd join NGYC Material Co. Ltd who produce SmCo Magnet.

  • 2002: DATOYO (NINGBO) Co., Ltd invest a new magnetic products factory, DATOYO MACHINERY MANUFACTURE CO., LTD.

  • 2002: DATOYO (NINGBO) Co., Ltd join SSD MAGNETICS who specially produce Sintering Alnico.

  • 2005: DATOYO (NINGBO) Co., Ltd join Feiya MAGNETICS and renamed it to DATOYO FEIYA Magnetics Co. Ltd.


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