Ferrite Segment

Magnetic materials are functional materials of electronic industry. Ferrite Segment are specially used on DC Motor,Auto,Motorcycle,Electric tools, Gym equipment,Home electrical appliance,Medical equipment ...
Permanent Lifting Magnet

JULII permanent lifting magnets stands designed with powerful rare earth magnet, it is mainly used for carrying iron products.
Other Ferrite Segment

Hard ferrite is using SrO and Fe2O3 as raw material,through ceramic processes. As an important part of magnetic materials, permanent materials play a heavy role in electronic industry...
NdFeB Magnet

NdFeB magnet is mainly made of Neodymium,Iron and Boron,with excellent magnetic property,abundant raw material and reasonable prices, NdFeB Magnets can be used as an ideal magnet in mini-motor...
SmCo Magnet

Powerful rare-earth magnet with expensive price, and less worry about the higher temperature. No worry about corrision.
AlNiCo Magnet

The Alnico material (composed predominantly of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt with minor amounts of other elements including titanium and copper) is manufactured through either a Casting or Sintering process...
Rubber Magnet

Rubber magnet is made by mixing ferrite magnet powder with synthetic rubber or plastic.
Health Care & Education Magnet

Every magnet has a north and south pole, just like the earth.
Magnetic assembly

DATOYO ability to produce and design magnetic chuck and other magnetic assembly like Pot Magnet with steel cup, housing, hook; Ferrite Magnet Channel assembly and Petrol Saver.
Magnetic Appliance

DATOYO can supply Magnetic Separator like Magnetic Filter Bar / Magnetic Cartridge; Magnetic Grill, Drawer, Liquid Traps , Hump and other magnetic appliance.
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